HD 30 Multi-Surface Disinfectant

HD 30 Multi-Surface Disinfectant
HD 30 Multi-Surface Disinfectant

HD 30 is a water based, neutral, low-foaming, all-purpose, fragranced, disinfectant cleaner.May be used on most hard and soft surfaces including, carpets, floors, walls, tiles,
glass, mirror and a selection of working surfaces.
Scrubbing and extraction cleaning. All janitorial and general related cleaning applications.

Advantage : Multifunctional applications, good cleaning ability, low-foaming, quick drying, streak-free cleaning. Contains a de-foamer, extraction equipment compatibility. All surface cleaning.

HD 30 is a must have product in all industries that demands an easy to use effective and safe, all-purpose cleaner.

HD 30 / 100 100ml 12 x 100ml*
HD 30 / 5 5L 4 x 5L

* Minimum order for 100ml is a case of 12 x 100ml

General / Light Cleaning    20ml   : 1L water 
Medium Cleaning                40ml   : 1L water 
Heavy Duty Cleaning          200ml : 1L water

Brand: Hygiene Disposables
Product Code: HD30 - 5/25
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